Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unconverted People and Their False Churches

If you have taken the time to read any of this blog you should be able to at least see that what the false churches of this world teach and believe is not in agreement with scripture.  What the prophets, Jesus and the Apostles taught as the truth of God is far away from what is taught in the false churches of false Christianity.  To make it very clear, there is not a church of all of what is called and acknowledged Christianity today that is true and has the truth of God.  All of the churches are of Satan and have been deceived.  These churches are led by people that have carnal minds and mime the things of the spirit of God with physical, carnal, fleshly things.  Without the spirit of God all they can do is read what is in scripture and apply their own reasoning to it which is always false and then perform works of human effort in an attempt to appear Godly.  These are the “many wonderful works” they claim to have done when Jesus returns.  If the work of anyone is their own it is worth nothing but if it is of God it is worth everything.  When these false churches do a good deed they cannot wait to brag about it so as to draw attention to themselves, to hopefully gain more suckers to join their cause and empty their wallets and purses to pay for all their good deeds. This is the Pharisee having the trumpet blown as he gives  a coin to the beggar.  Let us not forget how their so called leaders live in extravagance, in life styles far above their fleeced flocks.  Give your money to God they say but the check is made out to them.  I have big news, God does not need money, He has the power to perform His will without one red cent from you.  When you give your money to these fakers you are throwing it away.  Look at what you get in return; all the false doctrines, all the lies that I have exposed on this blog.  If you had any sense at all you should be angry and feel stupid that you have been taken. 

You need to wake up and pull your head out of your back side.  You have been a sucker for the old religious shell game.  Go from church to church looking for the truth but you will never find it, it is not there.  The truth is only with God and He is the only one who can teach it to you.  By the spirit of God only can anyone ever learn the truth.  It is by prophetic revelation, of Gods spirit linked to your human spirit that truth comes.  Any person who has ever learned the truth of God has been taught it by God Himself.

The first thing all you suckers out there need to do is give up on those carnal minded leaders who feed you crap and go to God confessing you are an idiot and know nothing, beseeching God to have mercy on you and teach you His ways and in sincerity give up all that you have previously known and accept and practice what God teaches you.  This is the greatest act of faith you can ever do. 

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  1. Satan has deceived the whole world until God raises up a prophet Acts 3:21-23 that delivers the true testimony of Jesus Christ from the wilderness Rev 12:5-6, Rev 12:17.
    Only his testimony turns the hearts of the fathers to the children of God Luke 1:17
    A righteous judge gathers all evidence before making any judgment Pro 18:13.
    Only the wise will hear Pro 1:5 and understand Dan 12:10.